Wang Shiyue is an editor and novelist, a member of the National Committee of China Writers Association, vice president of Guangdong Provincial Writers Association and deputy chief-editor of magazine Works. He is also the visiting professor of Guangdong University of Finance and academic adviser of “Art Guangdong” Contemporary Art Fair. He has published many novels including Dysphoria, Zone 31, No Tablet, Rice Island, Footprint Collector, Living Things; the science fiction If the Doomsday Is Limitless; and some selections of short stories, including National Order, Requiem, Puncher, Our Sins, Human Crime, Coming-of-age Ceremony, Elder Brother; and essay selection War between Father and Son. Wang Shiyue is a recipient of the 5th Lu Xun Literature Prize and Novella of the Year 2011 of People’s Literature Prize.  No Tablet was listed as one of the 15 best Chinese works from 2000 to 2009 by China Daily. Some of the works have been translated into English, Russian, Italian and Spanish and adapted into films. He has held personal painting exhibitions and participated in several professional art exhibitions.